Our Products

Nurse Call

Intellicare supplies and installs both hardwired and radio Nurse Call systems. We work primarily with Intercall, but also with SAS, Chubb and other major manufacturers to develop the best solution for our clients. Intellicare can offer comprehensive maintenance packages on most systems.

Staff Attack

Intellicare can supply either a combined Nurse Call/Staff Attack solution or a stand-alone system. Our standard product is the Guardian Staff Attack system widely used within the NHS. Lone Worker and Radio solutions are also available.

Graphical Display

The Intellicare Graphical Display can visually show you and your staff the state of your system in realtime. Here for more information

Assistive Techonology

Intellicare partners with Sensorium in order to provide Assistive Technology solutions. Examples are Epilepsy Alarms, Bed or Door Monitoring and numerous additional alarms. The system is tailored to the client's requirements and messages can be sent to carers via a pager, telephone call or text.

Warden Call

Intellicare works with Tynetec and supplies both Advent Xt housing alarms and the Reach dispersed alarms. The Advent system is primarily for the Sheltered Housing market, while the Reach alarm is for the single house. Both systems are capable of adding a Telecare overlay to enable additional monitoring.

Paging Systems

The most important part of any care system is ensuring that the message is delivered to the carer. Intellicare can integrate all Care Systems onto pagers. The Paging System can also be integrated with Building Management Systems and Fire Panels to give a complete information package.

Telephone Systems

Intellicare is a supplier of Icon DECT systems. These can be integrated onto a Warden Call or a Nurse Call system. The DECT telephones can also be installed as a stand-alone telephone system to give a bespoke internal telephone solution.